International Women’s Day Podcast – Juliette Brown

Our founder Juliette was recently asked to take part in a global live streamed conference for the celebration of International Women’s Day.

The aim of the conference was to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women – Jules done a perfect job of doing this!

Juliette was a guest on the top ranking Industry Angel Business Podcast and did a great job of sharing her story and fielding so many questions live through Facebook, YouTube and Twitter!

Jules discussed with the host and founder of Far North, Ian Farrar topics such as;

  • The transition from finance to design
  • Birth of Design Xpress
  • Business growth
  • Pressure that can come with responsibility
  • Being a female leader in a ‘Men’s World’
  • Women supporting other women
  • Juliette stepping out of her comfort zone
  • Impact Covid has had on Design Xpress
  • 25 years in business & as a leader
  • You can watch and listen below or subscribe on your podcast player of choice.


Thanks Juliette!

“What a fantastic episode, thanks Jules, the downloads have been off the charts!”

Ian Farrar, Host.

“You were great Jules! Your story is truly inspiring 😊”

Grant Murray, Currency Strategist.

“Jules you are an inspirational woman and do make a difference!”

Andrea McGuigan, Conference Delegate