A strong advocate for green issues in the print industry

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Environment Policy

At Design Xpress, we are a strong advocate for green issues in the print industry.

Environmental awareness is paramount for our continued growth and the development of our ISO 14001 Policy. We strive to reduce our environmental impact for the benefit of ourselves, our clients and their environmental objectives.

Therefore, we are always looking to incorporate new green policy operational procedures to maximise our efficiency and as a result reduce environmental pressure.We also offer a wide range of recyclable alternatives in our product range to create environmentally friendly print.

Samples are available upon request – 01207 582 004

Dispa Board for display

100% Recyclable Paper based product A fantastic new lightweight board made from embossed formed paper, ideal for the production of hanging retail signage.

PET for pull up banners

PET Supersmooth Greyback PET (polyester) is a block out banner 290 micron withexcellent lay flat properties and a very good white point. It is ideal for pull-up, rollerbanner and single sided block out banner applications.

Ecoflex Recyclable Banner

Ultima Ecoflex is a 100% PVC free environmentally friendly textile front-lit forshort-term outdoor advertising for billboards, PoS, wall coverings, retail displays. This lightweight fabric has high tear & tensile strength

Polyline Foam – 100% Recyclable polypropylene

Polyline Foam is harder, less brittle, more opaque and is more dimensionally stable in all directions than Foam PVC In all a complete “win win” product.

Polyline Bubble – 100% Recyclable polypropylene

A smooth lightweight bubble board. Manufactured in a standard bubbleboard construction with an opaque black bubble centre giving a qualityedge appearance similar to ACM. Excellent strength to weight ratio giving ahard wearing and re-usable substrate. The advertising product of choice forthe worlds leading sports arenas and events.

Fluted Polypropylene – 100% Recyclable Polypropylene

Correx ® By Corplex, is the original and best known fluted polypropylene sheet on the market.