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Design Xpress, is a local print solutions firm; we provide printing services for Gateshead-based companies, and across the North East. As a leading Printers Gateshead Company, we offer design, printing, and installation services.

All your print needs

Whatever you need, from one-off projects to long-term printing projects, we have you covered. Whether you need printing for an exhibit, a store opening, or rebranding, Design Xpress supports businesses across the region with our excellent service and value for money.

Complete support

We offer the complete range of services our customers in Gateshead, and across the North East need and want. From on-site visits, to design briefs, and printing and installation, Design Xpress is proud to have a strong reputation for customer service.

Quality printing services for your business. Design Xpress is known for being the Printers Gateshead companies can rely on, for 25 years. We consistently deliver affordable, quality-focused, and quick turnaround printing services, with design and installation as needed.

Our range of products include boards and signs, posters, outdoor banners, exhibition signs and displays, and outdoor posters.

For companies in Gateshead and the North East, Design Xpress is a trusted printing provider. Work with us to enhance your brand. Get the signs, posters and display materials you need, whether this is for a shop, restaurant, or any other kind of premises that requires signage or other printing needs.

Contact us today on 01207 582 004 to discuss all of your printing requirements.